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StoryFile launches AI-powered ALS Educational Platform for Public

People living with ALS can quickly ask questions and receive trusted answers in a way that feels personal using the AI-powered platform.

Technology company StoryFile announces the launch of the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI)-powered educational platform dedicated to supporting patients suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). 

Using crowd-sourced stories, ‘how-to’ information sharing, and more, the AI platform will provide ALS patients with access to life-improving tools. 

StoryFile will cover topics that are critical to independent living but are often nuanced and confusing, like how to use chair lifts, toilet risers, feeding tubes, assisted talking technology, as well as real-life knowledge about how the disease progresses, loss of mobility, body changes, and maintaining intimacy and family connections with rapid physical deterioration. 

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“The purpose of this resource is to make access to trusted information – and real-world tips and advice – more quickly available to those with ALS so they can spend the precious time they have on what is most important: family,” said Eric Weinbrenner, founder of grassroots ALS nonprofit Paint For A Cure. 

Over 200 questions on Weinbrenner’s shifting experiences with ALS were addressed by Weinbrenner and his carers in phase one of the resource, along with more than 3 hours of interactive interviews with Dr. Todd Levine, an ALS expert, and neurologist based in Scottsdale. 

The collaboration of StoryFile and Paint for a Cure will also allow them to make story-sharing technology available to ALS families so they may share their stories with their own families and the broader ALS community. This vision of both entities will be made possible using video storytelling technology. 

United States-based proprietary storytelling solution providing company StoryFile was founded by Ceci Chan, Heather Smith, Sam Gustman, and Stephen Smith in 2017. The startup specializes in offering a user-led voice-activated technology-powered platform that provides an intimate and natural conversational video interactive experience to users. 

“People living with ALS can quickly ask questions and receive trusted answers from Eric and others in a way that feels personal, as opposed to navigating multiple websites and internet searches to try and find out the answers they’re looking for,” said Chief Creative Officer at StoryFile, Ari Palitz. 

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