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Staqu’s AI systems can now spot Crimes and listen to Gunshots

Staqu Technologies has submitted a bid for audio and video monitoring as part of the Lucknow Smart City project's bid to boost security in the city.

Staqu Technologies has developed a one-of-a-kind artificial intelligence-powered surveillance system that uses CCTV cameras and microphones to accurately and effectively spot crimes and also listen to gunshots. 

The audio feature integrated into the system named Jarvis makes it a highly capable and useful technology that can be used by government agencies to make Indian roads more secure for pedestrians and travelers. 

The company has submitted a bid for audio and video monitoring as part of the Lucknow Smart City project’s bid to boost security in the city. 

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People familiar with the matter say that it is likely that Staqu would win the tender as the company’s previous generation of Jarvis technology has already been deployed at various locations by the Uttar Pradesh Police and other state police forces. 

CEO and founder of Staqu Technologies, Atul Rai, said, “We have used audio analytics to detect incidents such as prison fights in Uttar Pradesh on a pilot basis. Our target is to implement it in smart cities.” 

The massive leap in its capabilities exponentially increases the efficiency of Jarvis as now authorities can also analyze the audio to take better and quicker actions against criminals. Jarvis uses convolutional neural networks to identify various kinds of sounds like a gunshot, screams of humans, and many more. 

Additionally, organizations in retail and manufacturing are also using the audio analytics tool to detect distress sounds. The previous version of Jarvis incorporated technology like closed-circuit television (CCTV) that captures video footage, which then gets analyzed by an artificial intelligence-powered facial recognition system to spot criminal activities within its range. 

Gurgaon-based artificial intelligence startup Staqu Technologies was founded by Abhishek Sharma, Anurag Saini, Atul Rai, Chetan Rexwal, and Pankaj Sharma in 2015. During its seed funding round, the company received funding from investors like Ajay Gupta and Neeraj Sangal. Staqu specializes in providing solutions for challenges involving analyzing images and extracting valuable information from those images. 

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