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Standard AI launches new Autonomous Checkout experience

The AI technology uses multiple camera systems to accurately identify products picked by customers and bill them automatically.

Automation solutions providing company Standard AI launches its new artificial intelligence-enabled autonomous checkout experience at existing stores in Arizona Circle K location. This all-new solution will help retail business owners eliminate long queues for billing and generate accurate product bills for customers quickly. 

The artificial intelligence technology uses multiple cameras installed across stores to accurately recognize products that customers pick and display those products in the Circle K smartphone application to provide a seamless and hassle-free checkout experience to customers. This will also help retail businesses to increase their productivity and sales as the technology reduces the time consumed in the billing process. 

CEO and Co-founder of Standard AI, Jordan Fisher, said, “We are excited to partner with Circle K to open the first of a series of autonomous checkout experiences in Arizona that truly enhance the customer experience.” 

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He further added that the launch of its new AI-powered technology is a groundbreaking moment for the company and its vision to change the way people shop in the years to come. 

The autonomous checkout system lets retailers provide a better customer experience as they have more time to work on their management and customer service without working about billing. 

Head of Global Digital Innovation at Couche Tard, Magnus Tagtstorm, said, “We are excited about using autonomous systems to support our in-store team members and deliver a better customer experience for shoppers.” 

San Francisco-based computer vision platform company Standard AI, also known as Standard Cognition, was founded by Jordan Fisher, John Novak, Brandon Ogle, Daniel Fischetti, David Vandlman, TJ Lutz, and Michel Suswal in the year 2017. 

The firm specializes in developing artificial intelligence and automation solutions specifically for the retail industry to help companies optimize their workflow and provide enhanced customer experience. Standard AI has raised over $238 million till date, over nine funding rounds from investors like SoftBank Vision Funds, K3 Diversity Fund, Raison Asset Management, and many others.

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