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Stability AI CEO Says AI Will Replace Human Programmers, ChatGPT Will Run Without Internet 

Mostaque said that the goal of Stability AI is to build the foundation to activate humanity's true potential by controlling this.

In an interview with Peter H. Diamandis for the Moonshots and Mindsets Podcast, Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque said that there won’t be any human programmers in five years. Additionally, he stated that ChatGPT will be accessible on phones by the end of the year 2024 and will function without an internet connection. 

Mostaque stated that 41% of all code on Github right now is AI generated when discussing the future of AI and how code is now being authored by AI. “In five years, there won’t be any programmers,” he said. According to Mostaque, the London-based business wants to democratize AI so that anyone can utilize it for their benefit.

“My goal is to give society OS building blocks,” he declared. “Our goal is to create a solid foundation that will unleash human potential, hence we are creating models for each and every modality. We do it for every industry, whether it is music, video, DNA, chemical reactions, or language.”

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“Therefore, you now have a banker GPT and a board GPT to replace all of your unnecessary board members. We’re doing this so that everyone may have a program where they can put words in and anything that comes out will be acceptable for them and will enhance them,” he added. 

Mostaque was asked in the same interview if he could forecast what will happen in terms of AI in the next ten years. He replied that he couldn’t see beyond five years and that by the end of the following year, people wouldn’t need an internet connection to access ChatGPT because it will be available on phones. 

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