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SparkCognition and University of Texas at Austin partners for AI and Robotics

UT Austin students will now get access to industry and technological specialists along with the newest equipment for aerial and terrestrial development at HyperWerx.

Artificial intelligence technology startup SparkCognition partners with the University of Texas at Austin to advance in AI and robotics. 

The primary motive of this new partnership is to advance artificial intelligence in robotics and its applications in the industry. 

As a part of this collaboration, Texas Robotics will use SparkCognition’s HyperWerx facility for development and education to bring the physical world together with cutting-edge AI technology. 

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The HyperWerx facility, located on 50 acres in the greater Austin area, is an AI testing ground for robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), factory automation, oil and gas exploration, etc. 

According to the company, its HyperWerx campus is a one-of-a-kind space dedicated to designing, developing, experimenting, and commercializing AI-powered physical solutions. 

Dr. Peter Stone, Director of Texas Robotics and a Professor in the University’s Department of Computer Science, said, “HyperWerx allows us the opportunity to evaluate our robotics innovations via hands-on experiments under realistic conditions, thus enriching our understanding of what these systems are capable of, as well as facilitating educational experiences.” 

He further added that commercial advances in AI and robotics bring capabilities to the market that promise to make workplaces safer, more sustainable, and more productive for everyone. 

Texas Robotics represents researchers and students from UT Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering, College of Natural Sciences, and Department of Computer Science, among other departments and colleges. UT Austin students will now access industry and technical specialists and the newest aerial and terrestrial development equipment at HyperWerx. 

Chief Science Officer at SparkCognition, Professor Bruce Porter, said, “Texas Robotics is a great representation of the university’s dedication to innovation in robotics and the use of artificial intelligence to fuel industrial change.” 

He also mentioned that the university could speed their research through physical experimentation and close collaboration by bringing this investment in innovation to their HyperWerx facility, ultimately driving the commercialization of robotics into society.

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