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Songtradr acquires AI Metadata and Music Search firm Musicube

Musicube's technology further enhances Songtradr’s B2B music solutions that uses data and tech-enabled intelligence with creative excellence.

World’s first data-powered, full-stack music licensing platform, Songtradr, acquires artificial intelligence (AI) metadata and music search firm Musicube. Neither company provided any information regarding the valuation of this recently signed acquisition deal. 

Songtradr’s portfolio of tech-enabled music solutions, which include licensing the correct music for any content, driving higher ROI, and enabling companies to quantitatively engage their target audience, has been expanded with this acquisition. 

Musicube’s technology further enhances Songtradr’s B2B music solutions that use data and tech-enabled intelligence with creative excellence. 

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“Their (Musicube) impressive team of passionate musicologists and data scientists understand the power of data and its relationship with music, which ultimately benefits our brand and agency customers as well as music rights holders,” said CEO of Songtradr, Paul Wiltshire. 

Paul further added that they require outstanding metadata enrichment technology, a crucial component of the B2B music supply chain, to have the world’s top B2B music search and recommendation technology, and this acquisition will help them achieve that goal. 

Musicube’s semantic search has achieved product leadership in quality and data depth by utilizing neural networks and unique artificial intelligence. 

Germany-based AI metadata and music search company Musicube was founded by Agnes Chung and David Hoga in 2019. The startup specializes in providing an artificial intelligence-powered solution that offers rich metadata to music labels, publishers, rights holders, and anyone looking for song discoverability tools. The solution’s database contains over 50 million song titles with ISRCs from all contributors and over 500 keywords. 

“Songtradr is the most exciting music company we have seen in a very long time,” said CEO and Founder of Musicube, David Hoga. He also mentioned that they are overjoyed to be joining this extraordinary team of music lovers and engineers since every interaction they had has been marked by both cordiality and an ambitious objective.

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