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Seoul-based Deep Brain AI launches paid service to speak to the dead 

The company's image synthesis technology can realize an AI human that is complete in non-verbal parts such as lip-syncing, movements, and facial expressions.

Seoul-based Deep Brain AI launched a paid service called Re;memory for those who would like to speak again with their deceased loved ones, even if it is just virtually. 

When a loved one dies, a family is often left with only digital memories such as photos and videos. However, these are only one-way modes of communication where one can see or hear their loved ones but cannot interact back with them.

DeepBrain AI takes this trove of information and a pre-interview to put together a private virtual meeting in their studio where one can have unfinished conversations with their loved ones.

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The company’s AI-based image synthesis technology can create an AI human that is complete in non-verbal parts such as facial expressions, lip-syncing, and movements. It also uses conversational AI technology that makes use of speech recognition technology and natural language processing to make real-time conversations possible.

The Re;memory service can provide a 30-minute reuniting experience with the deceased loved ones after hours of data processing, where one can talk to them or have a videotaped message delivered from them on special events like anniversaries or birthdays.

One can also generate biographic videos personalized for each individual in the family or even hold a memorial service in the presence of the AI-human. Re;memory services are offered via a memorial showroom where a high-quality sound system and a large 400-inch screen make your experience more realistic.

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