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Rushi Bhatt to lead the Compass India Development Center in Bengaluru

Compass’s new IDC in Bengaluru will implement state-of-art AI and machine learning advancements.

Rushi Bhatt, a renowned artificial intelligence expert, will now lead the Compass India Development Center located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and serve as the company’s Senior Director and Head of AI. 

Bhatt, along with Joseph Sirosh, CTO of Compass, recently inaugurated Bengaluru’s technology innovation and development center. This will be the company’s second international development center outside of the United States, following Compass IDC in Hyderabad. 

According to the company, its newly established IDC in Bengaluru will implement state-of-art AI and machine learning advancements. Compass plans to extensively hire new talents to expand its team in areas like AI, ML, and cloud. 

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The company claims that it will use technologies including AI, ML, mobile apps, cloud, data intelligence, and data analytics to focus on increasing R&D and innovation throughout its technology stack. 

Bhatt said, “The Compass Bengaluru IDC is an important milestone in taking forward Compass’s vision of investing in Data, AI, and ML.” He further added that the IDC intends to use its technical talent pool to lead the next wave of cutting-edge innovation in developing agile, digital solutions that provide a consistent experience for all stakeholders in the real estate ecosystem. 

The IDC’s existing team has aided in developing solutions in a wide range of industries, including CRM, Marketing, Client Servicing, 3D Virtual Tours, etc. 

United States-based real estate technology company Compass was founded by Mike Weiss, Ori Allon, Robert Reffkin, and Ugo Di Girolamo in 2012. The company is most recognized for offering an online marketplace for purchasing, renting, and selling real estate. 

“Since our inception here in India, the technology talent that we have acquired has played an integral role in helping Compass establish itself as the biggest Real Estate Brokerage in the US. These engineers are not only helping us grow as a company, but they are also impacting the lives of thousands of Agents in the US,” said Joseph Sirosh. 

He also mentioned that AI, ML, Cloud, Mobile Development, and other technologies are poised to revolutionize every element of the Real Estate Ecosystem, and he is confident that India’s IT expertise will play a critical role in this revolution.

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