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Republicans Attack Biden with Generative AI Ad after Re-election Announcement

In the advertisement, Biden's reelection in 2024 is depicted through a sequence of artistic imagery.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) reacted to Joe Biden’s announcement of his reelection campaign this morning by releasing an attack commercial incorporating AI-generated visuals. 

In the advertisement, Biden’s reelection in 2024 is depicted through a sequence of artistic imagery. With visuals showing explosions in Taiwan following a Chinese invasion and military installations on what are likely US streets, it suggests that the reelection will result in a number of crises.

The YouTube video’s caption reads, “An AI-generated look into the country’s possible future if Joe Biden is re-elected in 2024,” and a brief disclaimer in the upper left corner of the frame states “built entirely with AI imagery.”

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The tools that were utilized to make the photographs are unknown, as is the possibility that doing so would have been against any terms and conditions. The majority of the photos in the advertisement are, however, quite generic and could probably be produced without tripping any system checks.

The advertisement also poses complicated and unsettling topics. Many experts have cautioned that AI-generated deepfakes may be used to propagate false information in politics. Experts are asking whether actions need to be taken if politicians themselves are the ones spreading the false information.

Politicians might share such content online more freely if they accept deepfakes. The owner of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, outlawed AI-generated content that would mislead viewers in 2020, but the firm declined to comment on whether the regulation also applied to politicians, who are currently immune from fact-checking.

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