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QpiAI Launched A New Quantum Marketplace

CEO of QpiAI, Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja, recently announced that they had launched a new global AI and quantum marketplace. With this new launch, the company aims to increase the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies across various industries in the world. 

QpiAI is a Bengaluru-based startup that specializes in developing artificial intelligence systems for healthcare, finance, space science, life science, and transportation industries. With the help of its highly experienced team of 30 engineers, QpiAI’s platform is capable of increasing data insight efficiency and also generating new usable data. 

The company has now opened registrations for its new quantum marketplace on its website. Enterprises can now easily visit their official website and get early access to QpiAI’s services. 

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The company expects to have more than a hundred buyers and a million sellers on their quantum marketplace in a span of one year. Earlier, QpiAI had collaborated with the Indian Institute of Science to launch a certification program on artificial intelligence and quantum skills for students. 

The company has now announced that the certification program’s first batch’s best students will be the solution providers for this new platform. The students who will score more than 90% will be able to sell their artificial intelligence models, services, and quantum solutions on the marketplace. 

The results of the certification program will be declared by November 2021. The certification program has already received more than ten thousand registrations in the past two months. 

The marketplace will enable companies to compare and buy artificial intelligence models through a single transparent platform. Experts predict that the QpiAI marketplace will host the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence communities. 

All the available artificial intelligence models will be screened by QpiAI’s qualifiers tool, which would examine the safety, explainability, and transparency of the models before putting them live for sale. The marketplace will also have a legal framework to ensure the security of the buyers and sellers. 

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