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Philips’ Speech partners with Sembly AI to launch Speech Technology Solution for Meetings

The solution comes with USB and Bluetooth support that increases the technology's versatility and enables a variety of use-cases.

Philips’ leading speech-to-text solutions provider, Speech Processing Solutions, partners with voice and conversation analytics technology company Sembly AI to launch a new speech technology solution for meetings. 

Both the companies plan to launch high-quality microphones and smart meeting technology that will drastically improve the meeting experience of users. 

According to the companies, their solution named SmartMeeting Conference devices includes top-of-the-line microphones that record 360° and capture each speaker in the room, ensuring crisp, clear audio. 

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The solution comes with USB and Bluetooth support that increases the technology’s versatility and enables a variety of use-cases. Customers of SmartMeeting Conference devices can seamlessly connect in meetings from anywhere, starting from conference rooms to open streets, using the smart devices and connectivity options. 

Moreover, the companies say that one of their devices is equipped with an intelligent camera that can be set up to automatically recognize and focus on the person who is speaking. 

CEO of Speech Processing Solutions, Dr. Thomas Brauner, said, “We provide best-in-class conference microphones and pair them up with a smart meeting assistant solution, which creates an automatic transcript, summary, and an action list of every meeting. Our unique solutions help busy professionals save time and conduct meetings more efficiently than ever before.” 

He further added that they are glad to partner with Sembly AI as this collaboration has opened up new market opportunities by combining the best of both worlds. 

United States-based technology company Sembly AI was founded by Artem Koren and Gil Makleff in 2019. The startup is best known for providing solutions to help remote teams function more efficiently by simplifying their work lives and delivering sophisticated insights. 

“The Philips products seamlessly integrate with the included Sembly SaaS to provide more value to our end customers,” said Co-founder and CEO of Sembly AI Gil Makleff. He also mentioned that they are particularly enthusiastic about the complementary nature and synergy between the two teams, which they believe will benefit both the top and bottom lines of the companies. 

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