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OpenAI Invites For It’s Scholars Program

OpenAI — one of the best research firms — invites people from underrepresented groups in science and engineering (S&E) to learn and innovate in deep learning for six months. The underrepresented group consists of blacks, Hispanics, and American Indians or Alaska Natives. While you can identify if you come underrepresented groups here, you can still apply for the OpenAI Scholars Program if you think the list does not have your group included in it and actually comes under S&E. However, you will have to mention it while applying for the position.

The six-months-long OpenAI Scholars Program is aimed to bring diversity in the developments of the AI landscape. OpenAI will offer a stipend of $10k per month for the entire tenure.

This is OpenAI’s fourth program, which was started in 2018 and completed its program for the year 2020 earlier this year. For 2021, the application is open from 28 July and will be closed on 8 August. A total of 10 people will be selected who will be notified on 21 August. The program will start from 12 October and end on 9 April 2021.

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Here are the prerequisites that are expected from applicants:

  1. Should have US work authorization and are physically located in the US
  2. Should have 2+ years of experience in software engineering
  3. Programming experience in Python (other languages are helpful too)
  4. Strong mathematics background
  5. Interest in the machine learning field
  6. Should have completed or will be able to finish practical deep learning for coders, v3 or deep learning specialization or an equivalent before the start of the program

If selected, one can get a huge benefit such as access to computing resources, one-on-one video calls each week with mentors, recruitment support, a stipend for AI-related conferences during the OpenAI Scholars program, access to Slack workspace.

In a few cases, people who have received the scholar have in the future worked for OpenAI. Consequently, this is an exceptional opportunity to give your machine learning journey the wing it needs.

Click here to know more and apply for the OpenAI Scholars Program: Fall 2020.

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