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OpenAI GPT Store Opening Delayed Till Next Year

The delay, according to OpenAI, is due to “unexpected things that kept them busy.”

OpenAIs GPT store won’t be opening this year, said the Microsoft-backed company in an email to users who registered for its GPT Builder. 

OpenAI is now planning to release it next year. The delay is due to some “unexpected things that kept them busy,” said Open AI in that same email. 

Addressing the elephant in the room isn’t necessary because of how obvious it is. OpenAI is going through quite an interesting period. The company fired its CEO, Sam Altman, after the board of directors lost trust in him, citing their doubt in Sam’s leadership. 

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People were quick to say that the company was doomed even before ChatGPT’s first birthday due to Sam’s firing. After a few days, employees protested against the board, even threatening mass resignation if Sam Altman wasn’t hired again. Consequently, Sam Altman was hired again as the CEO. 

The initial plan of OpenAI was to open the GPT store by the end of November. The announcement was made in the same month when the AI startup company hosted its first Devday developer conference. 

OpenAI’s GPT store is set to become a hub where users of OpenAI’s GPT builders can sell and exchange the GPTs they’ve developed. When OpenAI introduced custom GPTs, they promised to pay creators based on how much their creations were used, but they didn’t specify the exact amount. 

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