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OpenAI announces new Residency program for AI talents, will offer them full-time roles

The program will provide hands-on experience to learners by allowing them to work with Open AI’s team on active projects.

Artificial intelligence research and deployment company OpenAI announces that it will offer a new Residency program for AI talents that will provide them full-time job opportunities in the company. 

The program will help engineers and researchers join OpenAI who do not work in the artificial intelligence domain, as the OpenAI residency program aims to recruit talents from underrepresented fields of technology and science. It is a six-month course where all the resident learners will be provided a stipend of $750 for the entire duration. 

The curriculum of the program is unique as it will provide hands-on experience to learners by allowing them to work with the team of OpenAI rather than giving them theoretical knowledge. OpenAI has started accepting applications for the spring intake of 2022, and the last date for submitting applications is on 14th January 2022. 

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Chief scientist of OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever, said, “We’ve welcomed incredible new talent to OpenAI through our Fellows and Scholars programs, who have made major research contributions and helped advance OpenAI’s goal of building beneficial AGI.” 

He further added that this residency program targets those talents in the market who aim to contribute to the artificial intelligence domain but can not find a medium to do so. The course will focus on teaching learners the most practical artificial intelligence skills that would help them contribute to this sector.

Individuals from unconventional education backgrounds can readily apply for this residency program. OpenAI will also provide relocation and immigration support to highly talented applicants. The program will offer two diverse tracks named AI software engineering and AI research. The prior is suitable for individuals with a background in engineering and the latter for people looking for a shift as a research scientist from a non-ML scientific field. 

OpenAI residency program is set to commence from 18th April 2022, and the selection list will be declared by the mid of March. Interested candidates can apply here

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