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ONDC opens beta testing to consumers in 16 locations across Bengaluru

ONDC's beta test in Bengaluru is a major first step in operationalizing a network approach to e-commerce as an alternative to a platform-centric approach.

According to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC), an initiative of the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), has opened its network to consumers in 16 locations across Bengaluru.

To start with, consumers can place their orders in two domains – groceries and restaurants through buyer apps participating in the ONDC network. Currently, Spicemoney, Mystore, and PayTM are available as buyer apps. Consumers in the city can buy grocery products or order food from the stores and restaurants through seller apps Innobits Mystore, nStore, SellerApp, Ushop, e-Samudaay, eVitalrx, Bizom, Digiit, Go Frugal, Growth Falcons, and Uengage.

ONDC’s beta test in Bengaluru is a significant first step in operationalizing a network approach to e-commerce, an alternative to a platform-centric approach. The ministry said this would make the e-Commerce landscape more inclusive, accessible, and experience-driven for all consumers and sellers.

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Consumers can now shop for various categories of services and products from a single buyer application. They can order food or buy grocery products from stores and restaurants. In the coming weeks, more applications will join the network, expanding sellers and buyers who can participate in this transaction.

ONDC began its Alpha test phase with a selected user group of buyers first in Bengaluru in April, expanding to over 80 cities by September 2022. This validated the apps and confirmed operational flows and business. Now in the beta testing phase, the public will be able to experience shopping through ONDC and give early feedback for necessary action before expanding further.

To build trust amongst sellers, consumers, and Network Participants in the open network, ONDC has been consulting current ecosystem experts and examined best practices for adapting and evolving the best approach to build trust in an unbundled decentralized network. This is explained in a consultation paper being made available for public consultation on the official social media handles of ONDC, DPIIT, and the website.

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