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NVIDIA Announces Open-Source Tool NeMo Guardrails

NeMo Guardrails gives companies all the code, examples, and documentation they need to include security features in their AI applications.

The need for building effective barriers for generative AI applications has increased as artificial intelligence technology develops. To address this issue, NVIDIA created NeMo Guardrails, an open-source software that aims to assist programmers in guaranteeing the security, precision, and suitability of AI systems utilizing large language models (LLMs).

NeMo Guardrails gives companies all the code, examples, and documentation they need to include security features in their AI applications. It provides a method to make these applications secure as LLMs are increasingly used in a variety of sectors for things including expediting medication design and responding to customer inquiries.

The programme enables developers to set up three different sorts of boundaries: topical guardrails to keep the app within preferred areas, safety guardrails to weed out offensive language and guarantee accurate responses, and security guardrails to limit connections to secure third-party applications.

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Because it is open source and compatible with a number of tools, such as LangChain and Zapier, NeMo Guardrails is available to software developers of all skill levels. By placing a high priority on safety, security, and trust in AI development, the objective is to make AI a reliable and trustworthy component of the future.

NVIDIA has said that it will incorporate NeMo Guardrails, a complete tool for developing and fine-tuning language models using confidential data, into its NeMo framework. The NeMo framework is already partially available as open-source code on GitHub. As a component of NVIDIA’s AI Enterprise software platform, it is available to businesses as a complete and supported package. 

Utilizing their data and expertise, NVIDIA AI Foundations provides cloud services to assist businesses in developing and deploying customized generative AI models. The NeMo framework is one of the technologies in this collection.

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