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NSA Partners with DoD for joint evaluation of Federal Artificial Intelligence use

The joint evaluation will mainly focus on the national artificial intelligence framework related to internal and external security and will also analyze the ethical use of artificial intelligence

The National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States partners with the Department of Defence (DoD) for a joint evaluation of federal artificial intelligence use. 

The assessment will focus on the integration of artificial intelligence in strategic operations like insights collection from foreign communications and information related to weapon systems. 

Both the bodies will also scrutinize the artificial intelligence framework of the country and the ethical use of AI. A recently announcemenced on the DoD’s official website confirms these developments. 

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DoD officials said, “We may revise the objective as the evaluation proceeds, and we will also consider suggestions from DOD and National Security Agency management on additional or revised objectives.” 

Last year the DoD started a review program for the same, but now DoD claims that review has been terminated to start this new evaluation program in collaboration with the NSA. 

An official said, “In this case, given the objective as stated in our announcement memo, we determined that it is a better use of taxpayer resources to conduct our oversight jointly with the National Security Agency.” 

He further added that the department of defense office of the Inspector General considers a wide variety of factors while determining the time for conducting oversight operations or canceling previously announced programs. 

Recently, the NSA also cracked a secret deal with the tech giant Amazon worth $10 billion. Through this deal named ‘WildandStormy,’ Amazon Web Services will provide NSA cloud computing services.

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