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Motorola’s Slap Bracelet Smartphone is the New Design Standard

Besides the flexible smartphone, Motorola also unveiled the latest AI features they have incorporated into their device.

Motorola’s new product is straight from the future. Keeping up with the technological innovation madness of the 21st century, the Lenovo-owned company showcased its latest smartphone that can wrap around your wrist like a slap bracelet. 

Motorola released its avant-garde concept during the Lenovo Tech World forum, showcasing the smartphone’s non-rigid facets. The innovative conceptual device employs an FHD + pOLED display that can be flexed and molded into various shapes based on users’ requirements.

For instance, it can serve as a regular Android phone, stand independently, or transform into a  wrist-worn watch accessory. 

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Besides the elastic smartphone, Motorola also unveiled the latest AI features they have incorporated into their smartphones. One of them is a generative AI model running locally on the device, enabling users to personalize their smartphones with AI-generated wallpapers that match their outfit selection. 

MotoAI, a personnel voice and text assistant that harnesses the capabilities of a Large Language Model (LLM) and runs on smartphones and PCs, was also released during the forum. This feature can manage schedules, respond to queries, and compose messages. Motorola also unveiled the mobile Doc Scanner, which gives crisp and clear images by minimizing wrinkles and shadows. 

Finally, features like AI Text Summarization, which segregates necessary information from long-form chats, emails, or reports and concise them for better understanding, and Privacy Content Obfuscation, which blurs profile pictures and names in social posts to safeguard users information and privacy were also released.

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