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Carry Your AI Everywhere With Humane’s AI Pin

The Humane AI Pin focuses on privacy as it has a “trust light” that lights up whenever the device records data.

Humane has announced that their first intelligent clothing-based wearable device, the “Humane AI Pin,” is launching on November 9th

Coming straight from the horse’s mouth, the Humane AI Pin is engineered to integrate seamlessly with one’s unique style and clothing choices. The wearable device also employs a variety of sensors to facilitate natural and instinctive computing.

The AI pin, which operates independently without requiring connection to a smartphone or any other companion device, features AI-driven optical recognition and a laser-protected display, both powered by the advanced Snapdragon platform from Qualcomm technologies

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According to Humane, privacy is of utmost importance to the device. Features like the absence of a wake word eliminating an “always on listening” align with Humane’s commitment to creating products prioritizing trust and security. Humane AI Pin also has a “trust light,” which lights up whenever the wearable device records data. 

The device, which made its way to the Time Magazines “Best Inventions of 2023,” also debuted at the Paris Fashion Week as Humane AI Pin collaborated with Paris-based fashion house Coperni. 

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