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Microsoft Relaunches Syntex with Several AI-based Content Management Tools at Ignite 2022

Microsoft relaunches Syntex, as it rebrands the application with several AI-based content management tools. Microsoft refers to this new technological area as “content AI.” Microsoft Syntex, previously known as SharePoint Syntex, was unveiled at the Microsoft Ignite 2022 conference on Wednesday. 

Over the decade, as procedures have grown more digital, many firms have moved all of their papers to the cloud. According to Jeff Teper, president of Microsoft’s collaborative apps and platforms, millions of documents are added to Microsoft 365 daily, which has multiplied tenfold in the last five years.

Syntex uses AI to read, tag automatically, and index large volumes of content. Then, it connects the tagged and indexed content where it is needed in context and integrates services from across the Microsoft Cloud, including Microsoft 365, Azure, Power Platform, and Microsoft Purview.

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Syntex offers 11 core capabilities.

  1. No code AI: improves content to make it easier to comprehend and organize, streamlining your operational processes.
  2. Document processing: integrates AI from Microsoft Azure, AI Builder, and other Microsoft sources to assist in understanding, tagging, and securing information.
  3. Summarization: uses AI to provide content summaries that highlight essential topics automatically.
  4. Content assembly: assists users in creating documents automatically with templates and metadata.
  5. E-signature: to transmit requests for electronic signatures using Syntex, Adobe Acrobat Sign, DocuSign, or any other e-signature partner product from Microsoft.
  6. Search: give users practical tools for searching, reshaping, and discovering the content in your files.
  7. Connect: to connect with AI-powered search.
  8. Annotation: for adding links, notes, stamps, comments, etc., without changing the source file.
  9. Accelerators and templates: for standard use cases.
  10. Image, audio, and video processing: enables the processing of photos and the tagging of approximately 10,000 automatically recognized objects.
  11. Content rules processor: for building simple rules to define actions and tasks.

Larry Cannell, a senior director analyst at Gartner, said that rebranding SharePoint Syntex as Microsoft Syntex would significantly change Microsoft’s AI portfolio with the latter’s AI capabilities.

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