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Microsoft partners with Honor to develop AI and Smart Technologies

The partnership aims to establish an interconnection between end-devices and the all scenario ecosystem to create a new intelligent world. Honor will also adopt AI speech and translation systems based on Microsoft Azure.

Tech giant Microsoft and smartphone manufacturing company Honor announced their partnership to develop groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) and smart technologies. 

With this partnership, both companies want to create integrated solutions that support Honor’s 1+8+N strategy. Honor’s unique strategy aims at building a connected ecosystem with products catering to every consumer’s needs. 

The companies also plan to collaborate on Microsoft Cloud adoption, personal and mobile computing, and various other technologies. According to a blog posted by Microsoft, Honor plans to adopt artificial intelligence speech and translation services based on Microsoft Azure. 

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CEO of Honor, George Zhao, said, “HONOR and Microsoft will continue to strengthen our strategic partnership and develop solutions that can incorporate different software and hardware technologies for various user scenarios.” 

He further mentioned that he believes together both the companies will be able to establish an interconnection between end-devices and the all scenario ecology for creating a new intelligent world. 

Last year, Honor became an independent firm after separating from its former parent company Huawei. This is the first major collaboration of Honor after its separation. Microsoft will provide assistance to Honor to further enhance its smartphone, laptop, watch, earphone, and smart screen capabilities. 

They would also work on developing artificial intelligence solutions to improve the smartphone user experience. Corporate Vice President, Chairman, and CEO of Microsoft GCR, Dr. Hou Yang, said, “With the rise of hybrid work and environmental intelligence, customers expect more convenience, security, and better interaction from their mobile computing devices, systems, and applications, for both work and home.” 

He also added that in this era of new normal, all parts of the world are accelerating digital transformation.

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