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Microsoft Is Hosting Free Virtual Workshop On Reinforcement Learning Day, Providing Job Opportunity At Its Research Labs

Microsoft Research will be observing Reinforcement learning day on 14th January 2021. On this day, Microsoft will host a free virtual workshop that features prominent scientists like Yoshua Bengio (one of the Godfathers of deep learning), John Langford and many others to bring together the research communities to learn from each other and build on the latest knowledge.

Reinforcement learning studies how natural and artificial systems learn to make decisions in complex environments based on external, and possibly delayed feedback. The topic amalgamates ideas from computer science, cognitive science, mathematics, economics, control theory, and neuroscience.

This virtual workshop will feature multidisciplinary talks that span across theory to practice. The workshop will also provide a common platform for researchers from industry and academia alike. The aim is to highlight emerging research opportunities for the reinforcement learning community, particularly those driven by the evolving need for robust decision making in practical applications. The speakers at the workshop will speak about applications of Reinforcement Learning: Recommender Systems, Robotics, Healthcare, Education, Conversational AI, Gaming, Finance, Neuroscience, and Manufacturing.

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The agendas for the workshop have been chosen to keep in mind the latest developments in the field like Hierarchical Reinforcement LearningActive Imitation Learning with Noisy GuidanceMETA-Q-LearningFundamental Limits of Imitation Learning and more.

Microsoft Research, earlier, had called for papers to be featured in a virtual poster session to showcase recent and ongoing research in all areas of reinforcement learning like Deep RL, RL Theory, Bandit Algorithms, Multi-Agent RL. This poster presentation will run in parallel with the main workshop event. Since top minds in the RL field will populate the workshop, the organisers have created a job board that has research-based job openings in Microsoft’s own labs around the world.

Register for the Microsoft’s Reinforcement Learning Day 2021 free virtual workshop here.

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