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Microsoft Announces Azure Updates at Ignite 2022

The tech giant Microsoft has announced several updates to Azure, the company’s public cloud platform, at Microsoft Ignite 2022. The event attendees will get a first-hand experience with training skills to get value from Microsoft technologies.

The company has announced the following updates to Azure Cognitive Services:

  1. Azure OpenAI Service

Despite being available with limited access in the preview, it will provide access to Dall-E 2, a model that enables users to create distinctive pictures using text or images. Users can produce material, graphics, and code from selected clients to increase productivity while carrying out mission-critical operations.

  1. Azure Cognitive Service for Language

It improves summarization and broadens language support across all language skills with more capabilities for natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation (NLG), allowing users to quickly implement business apps for scenarios involving the digitalization of documents and conversations.

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The company also announced several machine learning features that are yet in preview.

  1. Azure Machine Learning Registries

It will aid machine learning experts in promoting, sharing, and discovering artifacts like models, pipelines, and environments across various workspaces in a company.

  1. Azure Container for PyTorch and Data Science Virtual Machines for PyTorch

These updates, in preview, are curated settings and customized pictures that incorporate cutting-edge Microsoft technology to set up, create, accelerate, and assist PyTorch model training at its best.

  1. Responsible AI dashboard

It will soon be freely accessible, enabling users to quickly adopt Responsible AI through machine learning model debugging and data-driven decision-making.

  1. Apache Spark pools integration

This feature will allow data preparation on Spark clusters within the Azure Machine Learning platform to be quickly iterated upon by machine learning experts.

  1. Huggin Face

Hugging Face will provide the community with access to BLOOM, the biggest open multilingual language model, on AzureML Managed Endpoints for performance testing.

For more announcements made at Ignite 2022, you can refer to the Book of News posted on the Microsoft website.

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