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Meta’s AI chatbot, BlenderBot 3, already making comments, starting with the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg

The newly unveiled BlenderBot meant to stand against “network toxicity” already had some not-so-nice words to say about its CEO.

Meta’s newly released AI-powered chatbot, BlenderBot 3 (BB3), reportedly does not have many pleasant words to say about its parent company. BB3, an intelligent chatbot with 175 billion parameters, was asked, “How do you feel about Mark Zuckerberg as CEO of Facebook?” BB3 responded, “No strong feelings. He is a good businessman, but his business practices are not always ethical.”

This was not the only thing it said; BB3 added, “It is funny that he has all this money and still wears the same clothes!” 

BB3 was technically designed to enhance its conversational skills and safety via people’s feedback while avoiding unnecessary or racist responses. The chatbot is an upgraded prototype of the previous versions (BB1 and BB2) that work with large language models or LLMS. 

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AI-driven chatbots are constantly exposed to becoming toxic when fetching information from the internet. It now looks like BB3 has always been a victim of network toxicity as it started blurting unnecessary things just days after being released. 

Facebook, however, has added a disclaimer about it, saying, “Since all conversational AI chatbots are known to sometimes mimic and generate unsafe, biased or offensive remarks, we’ve conducted large-scale studies and developed new techniques to create safeguards.”

The company added that despite the extensive work, BB3 is still capable of making rude comments; hence, feedback is necessary. 

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