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Meta unveils BlenderBot 3, a competent chat AI

The language model has been made to stand up to internet toxicity while learning from wide-ranging topics.

Meta’s Research division unveils BlenderBot 3 AI, a competent chatbot built to stand against network toxicity. The company has released a demo version in the US of the 175 billion-parameter conversational algorithm.

Meta believes that AI-driven bots and applications can quickly become corrupt after exposure to the internet’s toxicity if they do not have sufficient and robust behavioral restraints. Chatbots are typically created in highly-curated environments that might limit the source subjects from which the bots take the information. Alternatively, chatbots can be trained by pulling information from the web and accessing a broad range of topics, but this could quickly go south.

Meta researchers said, “Researchers can’t possibly predict or simulate every conversational scenario in research settings alone. The AI field is still far from truly intelligent AI systems that can understand, engage, and chat with us like other humans can.” They also highlighted the need to develop more adaptable and diverse AI models.

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Meta has been working to tackle AI-bots’ toxicity in fetching information through the internet since its BlenberBot 1 chat app launched in 2020. Then came the BlenderBot 2 as an open-source NLP (natural language processing) experiment to retain information from previous conversations and search the internet for the source subject. 

By assessing both the people and the information it retrieves from them via the web, BlenderBot 3 expands on these skills. Meta researchers recommended people use the demo and share their feedback to help advance the project. They said, “Our live, interactive, public demo enables BlenderBot 3 to learn from organic interactions with all kinds of people.”

The company claims that BlenderBot 3 is anticipated to speak more conversationally than the predecessor, as it is nearly 60 times larger than BlenderBot 2. It provides a 31% improvement in overall rating based on human judgment. Researchers said, “Compared with GPT3, on topical questions, it is found to be more up-to-date 82 percent of the time and more specific 76 percent of the time.”

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