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Lloyd’s Register launches the first ever Artificial Intelligence Register

The AI register will categorize every listed AI solution according to their LR certification status to help customers choose the best technology.

Engineering, technical, and risk consultancy service providing company Lloyd’s Register launches its first-ever industry-leading artificial intelligence register. The newly launched product is a standardized register of LR (Lloyd’s Register) certified AI providers and solutions meant for the maritime industry. 

The LR artificial intelligence-powered register comes with various one-of-a-kind capabilities like human-level observation and decision making. The product will provide accurate recommendations to maritime stakeholders to help them choose the right solution for tackling business challenges. 

The register will allow users to access existing solutions that are currently available in the market effortlessly. According to Luis Benito, the director of innovation at Lloyd’s Register, there has been a significant boost in the deployment of artificial intelligence technologies in the maritime industry. However, there is still a risk of maritime stakeholders investing in untested technologies that can lead to substantial financial losses. 

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Many industry-leading artificial intelligence solutions providers like Samsung Heavy Industries, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Furuno Hellas, HAT Analytics, and Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering are currently listed on the newly launched AI Register of LR. 

The register will automatically categorize the listed AI solutions into various segments based on their LR certification status. The categories include Digital Twin Ready, Digital Twin Approved, Digital Twin Commissioned, and Digital Twin Live. 

Technology innovation manager of Lloyd’s Register, Joseph Morelos, said, “LR’s new AI Register, the first of its kind for the maritime industry, has been designed to help maritime stakeholders find safe and proven providers and solutions, so they can successfully benefit from these technology advances, by ultimately improving business outcomes and competitive advantage.” 

According to the company, LR’s AI register would help its clients and partners to drive business outcomes through the safe deployment of artificial intelligence technologies. “The AI Register articulates the value of our AI technology to both existing and potential clients enabling their buying decision,” said Theodoros Katemidis, MD of Furuno Hellas.

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