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LinkedIn’s New AI Can Send Messages to Hiring Managers for You

The new feature can write a highly personalized draft message to get a conversation started.

Artificial intelligence might be able to help you start the process if talking to the hiring manager during the job search makes you nervous. At least, such is the goal of LinkedIn’s new AI message-writing tool, which the company is testing. 

According to a post by Ora Levit, senior director and head of Core Growth and Premium at the company, a highly personalized draft message to get a conversation started will be generated by generative AI. It will use the data from your profile, the job description of what you are applying for, and the company in question. This feature is now available for LinkedIn’s “premium” users. 

“You should take the time to revise the draught to make it your own and convey your voice,” Levit advised, citing the value of personalization. The manager-messaging tool was introduced in response to LinkedIn’s statement that it would utilize AI writing to enhance user profiles. 

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In March, LinkedIn unveiled a brand-new feature dubbed “collaborative articles” that would employ AI-powered conversation starters to spark conversations between experts on the site.

Recently, LinkedIn announced making more than one hundred AI courses free to help people succeed in their job and career. The free courses are available across languages, including Chinese, French, German, Japanese, English, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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