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LinkedIn co-founder first to write book using GPT-4

The book is called 'Impromptu: Amplifying our Humanity through AI.'

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, has published a new book written with OpenAI’s latest, most potent large language model GPT-4. The book is called ‘Impromptu: Amplifying our Humanity through AI.’ This is the first book written with GPT-4. 

In a LinkedIn post, Hoffman said, “Last summer, I got access to GPT-4. It felt like I had a new kind of passport. My pages were quickly filled with stamps: Over 1,000 prompts. 800+ pages of outputs. Just in the first few months.”

According to the post, Hoffman explored “light bulb jokes, epic poems, original sci-fi plots, arguments about human nature, musings on how AI might strengthen democracy, society, and industries” with GPT-4. The goal, like in any good trip, was to learn as much about my traveling partner as the place I was exploring, he said.

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While talking about his book, Hoffman said that he organized his explorations with GPT-4 into sections: creativity, public intellectualism, education, criminal justice, journalism, and more. According to him, his travelog, Impromptu, captures his treks with the latest GPT-4. “These paths will be well-trodden soon (if not already) by others,” he said.

Explaining his intentions for writing the book, Hoffman said, “I’m writing this travelog both to encourage people not only to get to know GPT-4, but to embrace our choice of how we’ll use it, and explore the different ways this choice might play out.” 

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