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Kerala Government Installs 726 AI Cameras to Monitor Traffic 

Recently, the Safe Kerala project, which aims to lessen traffic violations and increase safety on the roads, received approval from the state cabinet.

Starting on April 20, the ‘Safe Kerala’ project will use artificial intelligence (AI) cameras to identify traffic infractions and impose fines. To track down traffic violations, the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has installed 726 AI cameras.

The violations that the AI camera will pick up on include riding a two-wheeler without a helmet, doing so while moving, riding with more than two passengers, using a phone while driving, and jumping red lights. 

Because roadside checking causes problems for the general public, the Motor Vehicle Department has chosen to adopt the “Fully Automated Traffic Enforcement System” as part of the “Safe Kerala” initiative to detect legal offenses through cameras.

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The AI cameras are solar-powered, and data is sent through a 4G LTE SIM. Every vehicle will be examined by the visual processing unit in the camera box. Photos of the offending vehicles and their drivers will be sent to the control room of the motor vehicles department.

A mechanism is in place to collect video of infractions over the course of six months. The Motor Vehicles Department states that up to 30,000 penalty notices may be sent in a single day. Motor vehicle inspectors would meticulously inspect them for traffic violations before alerting offenders.

Recently, the Safe Kerala project, which aims to increase safety on the roads, received an approval from the state cabinet. The Kerala Road Safety Authority (KRSA) and the department of motor vehicles (MVD) would be in charge of leading the project.

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