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Japanese city implements metaverse schooling service to address absenteeism

The city of Toda, Saitama chose a metaverse schooling service that allows kids to tour the campus and study in virtual classrooms.

The Japanese city of Toda, Saitama, has implemented a metaverse-schooling service to motivate pupils to attend school, particularly those who live far away.

The metaverse schooling service that the city of Toda has implemented allows kids to study in virtual classrooms and tour the campus. However, pupils must get permission from their respective school principals to opt for metaverse schooling, as per local media NHK.

According to Japanese government data, 244,940 elementary and junior high school students were absent for more than 30 days in the academic year 2021. According to NHK, a fifth-grader prefers to speak online rather than attend school in person. Even though the youngsters have not physically attended school in over two years, they expressed a desire to meet up virtually.

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While efforts to raise school attendance continue to be difficult, Japanese officials are betting on metaverse education to help kids engage with those around them. Toda’s education center director, Sugimori Masayuki, desires to see metaverse students grow up and live freely in society.

Soichiro Takashima, the mayor of Fukuoka, another city in Japan, confirmed the city’s ambitions to lead the Web3 effort with Astar Japan Labs. “We have to achieve in the framework of Web3 what huge enterprises did for the world when Japan was powerful,” they said. 

Sota Watanabe, the founder of Astar Network, stated his ambition to operate closely with Fukuoka City to recruit additional developers and entrepreneurs.

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