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India has a more mature AI market than US, says report

While the US was an early leader in AI, India is the more mature market when it comes to leveraging AI, scoring 64 (out of 100) on Peak’s DI maturity scale.

According to Peak’s inaugural Decision Intelligence (DI) Maturity Index, India is now the more mature market for readying businesses to adopt AI, even though the US was an early leader in artificial intelligence (AI)

With 28% of US businesses adopting AI over six years ago, compared to 25% in India and 20% in the UK, India has a more mature market in terms of leveraging AI. India scored 64 (out of 100) on Peak’s DI maturity scale, whereas the US charted 52 and the UK just 44.

Internal communication and education on artificial intelligence to ensure broad support sets Indian businesses apart. Almost18% of US workers were unsure whether their business used AI, compared to only 2% of Indian workers. Moreover, 78% of Indian junior staff expect AI to positively impact workers’ well-being over the next five years, compared to 47% of those in the US.

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The report also found that how businesses structure data teams is vital to successful AI adoption, with most Indian businesses having data practitioners in commercial teams to support analysis. By contrast, most US businesses have a central data team.

Based on a survey of 3,000 decision-makers from businesses with a minimum of 100 employees across the US, UK, and India, Peak’s Decision Intelligence Maturity Index defines several critical indicators for commercial AI readiness across five pillars: decision-making, strategy, data, and technology, people and process, and value. 

Each pillar within the framework is weighted and contributes to an overall index score of 0 (least) to 100 (most mature), an indicator of a business’s ability to adopt, deploy and leverage DI effectively.

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