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Ivy.ai launches Self-building Chatbot Technology

Genie by Ivy.ai uses a business's website, knowledge base, and other documents to automatically create bot knowledge

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbot providing company Ivy.ai launches its new self-building chatbot technology named Genie. 

It is a highly complex chatbot and live chat platform that allows organizations to build pre-trained, conversational chatbots that can understand unique content. 

Genie by Ivy.ai uses a business’s website, knowledge base, and other documents to automatically create bot knowledge, making it a competent technology. 

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The company has packed Genie with preloaded training data, eliminating the need for time-consuming and long questionnaires or templates. 

CEO of Ivy.ai Mark McNasby, said, “Genie is a response to the market’s evolution in its demand for chatbots. Most companies have accepted that chatbots are the future but don’t want to wait months for implementation or constantly tweak templates that don’t help them differentiate from the competition.” 

He further added that Genie gives every company the ability to own a sophisticated, high-functioning chatbot that produces immediate results and stays up-to-date over time with minimal effort. Ivy.ai leverages its proprietary technology to get users started, and from there, customers can use Genie to modify and configure their bots.

Below mentioned are the key features of Genie by Ivy.ai – 

  • The software is easy to install as it comes with an in-built intuitive setup assistant. The assistant also allows companies to quickly get started with the software without spending a lot of time training.  
  • Genie has been trained by over five million inquiries and counting, allowing it to understand natural language questions from users within an organization right away.
  • It is very user-friendly as users need not have any prior coding knowledge to use the chatbot. 
  • Genie has an extremely high accuracy rate of nearly 90% for inbound inquiries. 
  • Genie examines websites for flaws with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and notifies users of any differences that need to be addressed.
  • Genie keeps bot knowledge up to date by scanning websites on a daily basis, ensuring that the website and bot are always in sync.

United States-based AI chatbot providing company Ivy.ai was founded by Mark McNasby in 2016. The firm specializes in providing chatbots for healthcare, education, and government institutions. 

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