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Is Geoengineering The Answer To Combat Global Warming And Climate Change? Open AI CEO Sam Altman Says Yes

Geoengineering might be the only available solution to combat the overriding predicament of climate change and global warming.

Climate change is one of the lingering issues of the 21st Century. There are, of course, different narratives to it. On one side, some experts and politicians, primarily right-wing, call it propaganda and a hoax; on the other side, climate change and global warming might be the reason for humanity’s end.

Open AI CEO Sam Altman happens to be on the latter side of the debate. The 38-year-old entrepreneur is one of the poster boys of the AI revolutions, thanks to his brainchild, ChatGPT, which disrupted not only the AI market but the overall socio-cultural landscape.

Sam Altman foresees the next decade will witness a flurry of “breathtaking scientific discoveries.” Among them, solar geoengineering will be one of the more critical tools to combat climate change and global warming. 

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Introducing space mirrors or spraying reflective particles to deflect sun rays is one of the hypotheses to prevent Earth from overheating, according to the Open AI CEO. 

Although geoengineering is still a proto-concept, it has its pros and cons, significantly because it will alter the natural ecosystem, thus creating a counterintuitive situation. 

However, geoengineering happens to be the only plausible solution to global warming as of now, and to avoid a summer like 2023, which, according to scientists at NASA, was the hottest summer recorded since global records began in 1880, we must begin to understand the possibilities that geoengineering has to offer. 

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