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OpenAI Announces ChatGPT Enterprise, a Business Edition of its AI Chatbot 

The features of ChatGPT Enterprise include enterprise-grade security and privacy, unlimited GPT-4 access, and longer context windows.

The maker of the well-known ChatGPT AI chatbot, OpenAI, has released ChatGPT Enterprise, a version of the chatbot designed specifically for businesses. 

ChatGPT Enterprise is made to assist organizations in automating processes, enhancing customer service, and producing original content. Built on OpenAI’s most advanced language model, GPT-4, it offers a number of features not found in ChatGPT’s consumer version.

These features include enterprise-grade security and privacy, unlimited faster GPT-4 access, and longer context windows for handling inputs that are four times as long. As soon as they are available, the company will provide additional features like extensive data analysis capabilities and availability for all team sizes.

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According to OpenAI, several businesses, including Block, Zapier, Canva, and The Estée Lauder Cos., already use ChatGPT Enterprise. The company anticipates that businesses of all sizes will show a significant interest in the product.

“We are announcing the release of ChatGPT Enterprise, which provides enterprise-grade protection and anonymity, limitless higher-speed GPT-4 access, extended context windows for processing longer inputs, comprehensive data analysis capabilities, customization possibilities, and much more,” the blog reads.  

After the announcement, Andrej Kaparthy took to Twitter to highlight the potential benefit of the same for large organisations. He tweeted, “Imo the productivity amplification here is so large that organizations should be thinking about it as a basic work tool, like a new kind of spreadsheets++, given out eagerly and by default.”

There are already free and ChatGPT Plus options available. The Plus edition is $20 per person every month, while the Free version is free. The latter provides early access to beta features, enhanced data analysis, Plugins support, and GPT-4 access.

The latest text-generating model from OpenAI, GPT-4, was made generally available in July. GPT-4, which replaces GPT-3.5, is much more powerful than its forerunner. It can generate text, including codes, and receive inputs of both text and images, unlike GPT-3.5.

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