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Intel and Dell to launch AI Incubator Initiative in Community Colleges

The AI Incubator program will help colleges to provide better education to students in artificial intelligence.

Technology giants Intel, Dell, and the American Association of Community Colleges announced their plan to launch an AI incubator initiative across the United States. It is an eighteen-month-long initiative utilizing Intel, Dell’s expertise, and industry connections of America’s community college system. 

According to the plans, the companies will build numerous artificial intelligence labs across the US to support the growth of AI technologies. Community colleges that can design their own artificial intelligence incubators can already apply for this program. 

Executive Vice President and General Manager of Client Computing Group at Intel, Michelle Johnston Holthaus, said, “Building upon Intel’s partnership with the AACC and Dell Technologies by establishing incubators for emerging technology education across the US will provide greater access to critically needed technical skills and training in AI.” 

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He further added that this newly launched initiative would serve as a framework for the next generation of American technologists, engineers, and innovators to broaden their innovative thinking and pursue employment across the digital economy. 

The AI Incubator program will cater to all the needs for higher education AI technical and literacy skills. Additionally, the program will also provide community colleges with the necessary equipment for providing top-notch artificial intelligence training to students. 

Intel and Dell had earlier launched a similar program in the United States named AI Workforce. The semiconductor manufacturing giant launched this program under its Digital Readiness initiative to train future workers in artificial intelligence. Since its launch, the program has been expanded to 31 schools across 18 states in the US. 

Similarly, the AI incubation program will also help provide better education to college students in AI. “Dell Technologies has an organizational goal to make a positive impact on 1 billion lives by advancing health, education, and economic opportunity. This partnership between AACC, Intel, and Dell gives us an opportunity to meet this goal,” said VP of State and Local Government and Education Strategy at Dell, Leslie Harlien. 
Interested community colleges can apply for this program from the official website of the American Association of Community Colleges before 25th February 2022.

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