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IIT-KGP and Virginia Tech launch Online Course in AI

Indian applicants need to pay an application fee of Rs 500 and foreign nationals need to pay $10 dollars.

The Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT-KGP) partners with Virginia Tech to launch a new online course in artificial intelligence (AI). 

The online certification program aims to address the challenges involved in the intelligent computation and interpretation of data domains. 

According to IIT-KGP, its new online course prepares analytics talent for today’s market, which requires an understanding of AI and its applications in data analytics. 

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The business analytics program takes an interdisciplinary approach, assisting students in identifying the utility of data so that they can improve the customer experience, diagnose problems, impact efficiency, satisfy customers, and improve quality of life. 

IIT-KGP and Virginia Tech’s new program, which will run for nine months from May 30, 2022, to January 7, 2023, will be open to students and industry executives worldwide. A total of 100 applicants would be chosen based on their academic credentials and work experience. 

IIT-KGP meticulously designed the course curriculum that includes modules like Big Data, structured & unstructured databases, statistics for business analytics, artificial intelligence, Classification and Clustering Methods, etc. 

“Our lead faculty members have Ph.Ds from highly reputed universities and have a vast amount of experience. Each one of them is considered an expert in their field and has achieved excellence in their academic pursuits,” mentioned IIT-KGP. 

Furthermore, graduate assistants from IIT Kharagpur will help learners of the program with assignments, projects, and tests. 

Individuals with an undergraduate degree in engineering or related subjects having an industry experience of two to five years can apply for this program. Interested candidates can apply for this IIT-KGP and Virginia Tech’s online certification program from the official website of IIT Kharagpur. Indian applicants need to pay an application fee of Rs 500, and foreign nationals need to pay $10. 

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