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IIsc Invites For Its New Deep Learning Specialisation

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), currently the best university in India, has announced a masters’ level deep learning specialization in tie-up with TalentSprint. Faculty members from IISc and TalentSprint will jointly teach and mentor participants.

The Centre for Continuing Education wing of IISc offers this 10-month executive program, structures for machine learning enthusiasts and industry practitioners alike. The aim is to train the workforce in deep learning and develop applications in domains like text, video, speech, image, and more.

The program consists of live online faculty-led interactive sessions, curated capstone projects and hackathons, mentorship, case studies, and campus visit. The syllabus currently consists of a Bridge Course (Programming and Mathematical Preliminaries) of 12 Hrs, Mathematical Foundations and Data Visualization of 44 Hrs, Paradigms of Machine Learning of 16 Hrs, Deep Learning and its Applications for 80 Hrs, and Deploying AI Systems for 8 Hrs. 

Deep learning is increasingly being used to extract valuable insights from enormous amounts of data, build innovative products and improve customer experience, thereby enhancing revenue opportunities. This has led to a massive growth in need for professionals with expertise in Deep Learning. This program will fulfill that need. Our team of research faculty will teach and mentor participants and help them build expertise in both the fundamentals and applications of Deep Learning,” said Prof Chiranjib Bhattacharya, chair of the department of computer science and automation, and dean of the advanced deep learning program at IISc.

The program also offers hands-on projects like brain tumor detection, fraud detection, expression identification, and more. At the end of the program, the participants will possess a portfolio that demonstrates their mastery and connect with experts at the forefront of deep learning practices. For entrepreneurs, the program has provisions to boost startup ideas with professional mentorship. 

The enrolments have begun for the first batch (consisting of 50 participants or more), and the classes will start in March 2021. The program expects some form of coding efficacy and sets bachelors’ as the minimum eligibility requirements with a work experience of 1 year. 

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Pradyumna Sahoo
Pradyumna Sahoo
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