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IIM Ahmedabad launches new Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad now launches its new research center for artificial intelligence and data science named Brij Disa Center for Data Science and Artificial intelligence (CDSA). 

According to IIM officials, the center will be used to conduct research to develop artificial intelligence solutions for challenges faced by businesses, policymakers, and the government. Researchers at CDSA will collaborate with other data-intensive enterprises to build case studies for classroom teaching. 

The center will also host seminars and conferences to educate a large number of people in the field of artificial intelligence and data science. Director of IIM Ahmedabad, Errol D’Souza, said, “Data Science and artificial intelligence are increasingly impacting businesses across the world. AI has become an inevitable part of our lives.” 

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“To harness the power of these advanced technologies for augmenting businesses, the need of the hour is to bring together different stakeholders onto the same platform, conduct intensive research to identify challenges, determine potential and provide impactful insights.”

He further explained. Experts believe this center will be extremely useful as there is a massive demand for new solutions in the data science and artificial intelligence industry worldwide. 

CDSA will make a report on the adoption of artificial intelligence in the country every year that would help practitioners to understand the challenges that the industry is facing, which would enable them to develop solutions for them. 

Co-chairperson CDSA, Prof Anindya S Chakraborti, said, “AI has transitioned from being a field of science to an integral element of our daily lives. There is a pressing need to harness the power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.” 

She further mentioned that the center would be a game-changer as it would provide important insights about the industry that would help policymakers and scientists.

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