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IBM Announces Its First Quantum Developer Certification

IBM launches a quantum computing certification to allow aspirants to showcase their skills by programming superior quantum computing hardware. The examination will be based on the open-source quantum toolkit, Qiskit. 

Qiskit was launched by IBM in 2017 to empower developers to build applications that run on quantum chipsets. Since its release, the Qiskit team has witnessed over 600,000 installations by enthusiasts from across the globe.

The exam will consist of 60 objective questions and would require you to correctly answer 44 questions to pass in 90 minutes. Although this exam will only focus on how to develop quantum chipsets for various applications, IBM has plans to release more certifications to help learners gain more in-depth knowledge of quantum computing.

This first certification will set the foundation for aspirants who are looking to start their careers in the quantum computing industry. To allow learners to prepare for the exam, IBM is providing learning resources of Qiskit and other sample tests. For more information, check the exam objectives.

Some of the key skills of learners this exam will evaluate are the ability to define, execute, and visualize results of quantum circuits, understand single-qubit gates and their rotations on the Bosch sphere, and fundamentals of Qiskit SDK features.

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Ratan Kumar
Ratan Kumar
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