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IBM Acquires Envizi to Help Organizations Accelerate Sustainability Initiatives

IBM will integrate its AI software suite with Envizi to help organizations build sustainable supply chains.

Technology giant IBM announces that it has acquired data and analytics software developing firm Envizi to help organizations across the globe accelerate their sustainability initiatives and achieve environmental goals. 

However, the companies did not provide any information regarding the valuation of this deal. IBM plans to integrate Envizi’s platform with its own to offer unmatched features to its customers. 

The acquisition will allow IBM to further enhance the capabilities of its IBM Maximo asset management solutions, IBM Sterling supply chain solutions, and IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite to help organizations build sustainable supply chains. 

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General Manager of IBM AI Applications, Kareen Yusuf, said, “Envizi’s software provides companies with a single source of truth for analyzing and understanding emissions data across the full landscape of their business operations and dramatically accelerates IBM’s growing arsenal of AI technologies for helping businesses create more sustainable operations and supply chains.” 

He further added that it is crucial for organizations to transform data into predictive insights that help them make more intelligent and actionable decisions. The integration of Encizi with IBM’s AI software suites will now allow companies to automate the feedback generation process between their corporate environmental initiatives and the operational endpoints, allowing organizations to accelerate their sustainability efforts. 

United States-based data and analytics solution provider Envizi was founded by Andrew Lamble, Bill Clasquin, and David Solsky in 2004. The company specializes in providing software solutions that help businesses optimize resources across several operations. The firm has more than 160 clients that operate in over 160,000 locations worldwide in 112 countries. 

Envizi offers a fully customizable and user-friendly dashboard that helps customers effectively manage and analyze their environmental goals. The software can collect over 500 types of data and supports major sustainability reporting frameworks. 
“As part of IBM, we feel more confident than ever that we can achieve our goal of providing clients and partners with the world class tools they need to reduce their operational impacts and optimize for the low carbon future,” said the CEO and Co-founder of Envizi David Solsky.

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