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AI Clearing Announces AI Surveyor Platform for Large Solar Infrastructure Projects

The solution will help constructors to effectively manage their large-scale solar infrastructures while it is being built.

Artificial intelligence solutions developing company AI Clearing announces the launch of its new AI Surveyor platform purpose-built for large-scale solar infrastructure projects.

The new initiative of the US government for utilizing non-carbon emitting sources of energy to meet all of the country’s power demand by 2035 can considerably increase the adoption of solar infrastructures in the country. 

The newly launched AI Surveyor platform of AI Cleaning is capable of providing intelligent business reports every day based on predictive analytics. The technology uses various sources like drones, GIS, and design information to collect and analyze data for providing daily updates to users regarding the productivity and progress of their solar infrastructure. 

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Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of AI Clearing, Adam Wisniewski, said, “Our AI model is trained on data from across the globe, so whether it is the desert of Abu Dhabi or snow in Canada, it can track progress across your KPI’s with an accuracy of 99.98%.” 

He further added that as the solar energy market is rapidly growing, numerous interested individuals and companies reach out to them daily with the intent to use AI Clearing’s artificial intelligence-powered solution during the construction of utility-scale solar farms. To date, AI Surveyor has provided more than 300 progress reports and has tracked the completion of over two million solar panels. 

United States-based automated analytics for large-scale construction and infrastructure projects providing company AI Clearing was founded by Adam Wisniewski, Michael Mazur, and Michael Mazur recently in 2019. Since its launch, the company has raised $2.5 million from investors like Tera Ventures, Inovo Venture Partners, and Innovation Nest over three funding rounds. 

“While production tracking is important for any project, solar construction requires much closer attention to production rates. AI Clearing has proven to be a great partner in this space,” said senior manager of business technologies at PCL, Alex Ramirez. 

He also mentioned that solar power plants are gaining immense popularity in the United States as the country is looking for cleaner energy sources. 

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