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Hyundai Motors invests $400 million in Boston Dynamics AI institute

The AI institute will combine some of the best features of research and corporate development labs.

Hyundai Motor Group bought a controlling share in Boston Dynamics AI institute as it invested over US$400m, giving the former 80% shareholding. The new AI facility will be a research-driven organization focused on “solving the most important and difficult challenges facing the creation of advanced robots.” 

Both the companies aim to advance artificial intelligence fundamentals in this new institute led by Marc Raibert, the founder of Boston Dynamics. Hyundai will invest its resources in technical areas and their development with its staff while partnering with many corporate research labs. 

This AI institute will be centered in the Kendall Square research community, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and will host many software and hardware experts. Several more AI, robotics, ML, and engineering experts will work together to develop robotic technologies and enhance their capabilities for several new use cases. 

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Raibert said, “Our mission is to create future generations of advanced robots and intelligent machines that are smarter, more agile, perceptive, and safer than anything that exists today.” 

This is not the only investment Hyundai Group is taking; it also announced plans to establish a Global Software Center to enhance its software technologies and SDVs (software-defined vehicles). The center will focus on 42dot, autonomous driving technology, and mobility software. 

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