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Hugging Face Launches Their Free NLP Course

Hugging Face launches a free Natural Language Processing (NLP) Course on their website. The course will give in-depth knowledge and understanding about NLP using libraries from the Hugging Face ecosystem and Hugging Face Hub. The course is meticulously designed by Hugging Face’s industry-leading Machine Learning engineers like Mathew Carrigan and Sylvian Gugger.

The course is divided into three sections that progressively get more advanced. As of now, the first section of the course has been released. The second section is to be released in the mid of 2021, followed by the third section, which is expected to release in early 2022. 

The first section will give knowledge about Transformer models and its usage. Transformer model is an architecture for transforming one sequence into another. Many giant organizations like Google AI and Facebook AI use the Hugging Face Transformer model and contribute to the community by sharing their models.

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The first chapter of the course doesn’t require any prior technical knowledge. The chapter talks about what transformer models can do and how one can use them in practice. The following three chapters require previous knowledge of Python and some basics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The next set of 4 chapters will teach the very fundamentals of datasets and Tokenizers.

After basics, the course dives into classic NLP tasks. On completion of chapter eight, one will be able to deal with basic NLP problems independently. The next set of four chapters gives even more profound knowledge about architecture, including memory efficiency, long sequences, and lots more. By the end of the first section of the course, one can handle complex NLP problems and solve them.  

In this world of technology, Machine Learning is growing at a meteoric pace. This course by Hugging Face will impart valuable and useful knowledge to someone willing to enter the Machine Learning industry.

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