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How can AI content curation transform education systems? 

AI content curation not only provides assistance in content selection, but also customizes the result for each person depending on their specific preferences.

Artificial Intelligence has been used for content creation of various kinds for a long time. Now, the focus has also shifted to content curation using artificial intelligence with the end goal of making education more accessible to people of all spheres. With students accessing education remotely these days, they constantly have to watch long college lectures on loop to understand concepts, clear doubts, or access certain information. The same is the case with remote workers in terms of presentation notes and documents. However, the use of artificial intelligence can address these concerns. 

Content curation is  sourcing relevant, high-quality information from diverse sources and promoting it to increase engagement. Similar to content generation, the process of content curation can be automated using artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI content curation not only provides assistance in content selection but also customizes the result for each person depending on their specific preferences. 

For example, businesses and educational institutions produce hundreds of millions of hours of long-form video every day. However, since the production and editing costs are enormous, most of the population is unable to access and benefit from these productions. To address this issue, artificial intelligence and machine learning-based Educational Vision Technologies (EVT) was founded. EVT provides services that make long-form video content more comprehensive and easily accessible for workers and university students. 

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EVT utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning tools that provide content curation. These services employ machine learning algorithms to divide videos into short, manageable chapters of just a few minutes. Each of these short videos is accompanied by a transcript and notes. The EVT program was first designed with the needs of students with disabilities in mind. However, it also helps students who are unable to attend classes or find making notes difficult. 

Users can either upload their own movies for content curation on EVT Bloom or use EVT Learning Systems to automatically upload the required content. The EVT software automatically generates a searchable voice transcript, interactive table of contents, quiz questions, and speaker summaries by segmenting recordings into concise video chapters. On web platforms, the software puts the titles of brief videos as headers to allow users to read aloud and help those who are visually impaired or blind access the video material easily.

EVT Bloom processing takes place on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and the content is secured and stored in OCI object storage. EVT has developed its various machine learning microservices on OCI. With the help of engineers from Oracle, EVT prototyped and developed their machine learning microservice infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud. 

Given that EVT offers hundreds of educational videos that are broadcast from its website, one would expect the cloud charges to be high. But since Oracle content curation service does not charge egress for the first 10 TB per month, EVT was able to significantly reduce the cost of video streaming, which makes it affordable too. 


AI tools like ETV can significantly boost the productivity of students by helping them with content curation. Studies show that it takes more cognitive effort to take notes while listening to a lecture than it does while playing chess. To overexert students’ cognitive bandwidth to write everything from the whiteboard or chalkboard hardly makes any sense. With affordable AI innovations like EVT, the education system can be drastically transformed to make it more adaptable for the digital world, thus making it more accessible simultaneously. 

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