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Honda Invests in Helm.ai to Strengthen its Software Technology Development

This investment will allow Honda to develop enhanced solutions using Helm.ai’s expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

Automobile manufacturing giant Honda announced that last year it invested in United States-based technology firm Helm.ai to further strengthen its software development in various fields, including artificial intelligence and computer vision. 

Honda invested in Helm.ai to boost value generation in the company’s efforts to make mobility products smarter and achieve greater results faster. According to Honda, the investment will also help strengthen the relationship between Honda and Helm.ai and accelerate the product development process by integrating the companies’ expertise. 

Earlier, Honda had worked with Halem in 2019 under Xcelerator, a global open innovation program of Honda. The program is designed to facilitate partnership between startups and Honda and is run by Honda’s subsidiary, Honda Innovations. 

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California-based scalable artificial intelligence firm Helm.ai was founded by Tudor Achim and Vlad Voroninski in 2016. The company specializes in developing artificial intelligence solutions for autonomous driving vehicles. To date, Helm.ai has raised over $39 million from several investors like Honda, Base Capital Funding, One Way Ventures, Freeman Group, Amplo, and many others. 

Helm.ai is particularly experienced in the domain of unsupervised learning-based artificial intelligence image identification technology. Unsupervised learning, also known as unsupervised machine learning, analyses and clusters unlabeled datasets using machine learning techniques. 

These algorithms identify hidden patterns or data groupings. It is the best solution for exploratory data analysis, cross-selling techniques, consumer segmentation, and image identification because of its ability to recognize similarities and differences in information.

According to Honda, it would continue to offer highly competitive and attractive products and services to its customers by partnering with multiple startups under its Xcelerator program.

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