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Hexo Raises $270,000 in Pre-Seed Funding by Antler India

Generative AI startup Hexo has raised $270,000 as pre-seed funding led by Antler India through the venture capital firm Antler India Residency initiative.

Founded in 2012, Hexo is a fast, simple, and powerful blog framework. It is building an open-source image generation API that provides a wide range of controls to make image generation more accurate and predictable. This fine tuner product for businesses will allow them to quickly build image generation engines based on the company’s design language, characters, products, and IP and embed text to image generation in their workflow. 

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Vignesh Baskaran, the co-founder of Hexo, mentioned that the pre-seed funding would be used to launch Hexo’s new product, a fine-tuner for businesses to build custom image generation engines. 

Antler India is thrilled to lead Hexo’s pre-seeding round and collaborate with them in the journey of generative AI. The founder of Hexo, Vignesh, is a deep learning expert and has conducted many machine learning research projects globally. Kunal Bhatia, a three-time founder, has built SuperLearn (EdTech) and Switch (IoT). Antler India believes that Vignesh’s engineering strength and Kunal’s business skills can ensure to build of great AI products for sale.

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Manjiri Gaikwad
Manjiri Gaikwad
Manjiri is a computer science graduate from Cummins college of engineering, Pune. She is a simple calm and composed person, who loves to write.


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