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Google to Protect its Generative AI Users against Copyright Lawsuits

Google joins Microsoft and Adobe in offering legal protection against copyright infringement claims.

Copyright lawsuits relating to generative AI use have been the subject of legal moot points in recent times. In the wake of an ongoing legal predicament, Google has announced it will offer legal protection to generative AI users facing copyright claims. 

The protection applies to particular Google software like Duet AI in Workspace, Duet AI in Google Cloud, Vertex AI Search, other Vertex AI applications, and Codey API’s. 

In the official announcement by Google Cloud, the multinational company also mentioned that a certain amount of onus also lies on the users. This means if a user intentionally creates generated outputs to infringe the rights of others, the indemnity Google is offering will not be applicable.

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The two indemnities offered by Google Cloud include training data and generated outputs. According to Google Cloud, their dual generative AI indemnity protection approach ensures balanced and practical coverage for pertinent categories of potential claims. 

The training data indemnity safeguards against claims that Google’s utilization of training data in creating its generative models for a generative AI service infringes upon the intellectual property rights of third parties. 

On the other hand, the generated output indemnity safeguards users against copyright acts that pertain to the content produced by users in response to prompts or other inputs they provide to Google. As per the announcement, the above-mentioned Google software is covered within the generated output indemnity. 

With this announcement, Google joins Microsoft and Adobe, as both companies are offering their users legal protection against copyright infringement lawsuits.

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