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Google to Introduce Latest AI Features in Workspace

Latest AI developments by Google in its Workspace to improve secured collaboration and work relationships.

To enhance efficiency, Google has been incorporating machine learning into its cloud-based Google Workspace infrastructure. These latest AI developments in Google Workspace are intended to help employees stay on the right track, collaborate securely, and improve work relationships in various environments.

People who have been on the platform have substantially notified Google that the post-Covid scenario has increased the hybrid work in terms of volume of emails, meetings, chats, etc. Most recent Google’s AI developments in Workspace address such issues along with other scheduled enhancements. 

Machine Learning technologies now enhance Google Meet services and make the transfer of information more convenient and secure. Other AI-based enhancements cover ‘live sharing’ to make the meets more interactive by allowing content synchronization among participants.

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Owing to these developments, Google Docs now has an improvised automated summary section that allows the user to catch up on a missed update.

This year, Google has also planned to enhance its image, music, and content sharing services. Google’s artificial intelligence will work towards ‘portrait restoration’ to help improve video quality. The process will be done for low-quality videos or low-light settings and areas that do not have stable network connectivity. This Google AI enhancement will automatically improve the video quality without slowing down the device. 

As the future of hybrid working arrangements seems promising, Google’s AI aims to enhance its clientele’s work experience by incorporating intelligent capabilities across the platform.

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