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Google Launches AI Note-Taking Assistant NotebookLM 

With NotebookLM, Google hopes to eliminate or at least lessen the biggest issue with artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT and Bard, hallucinations.

In order to help individuals learn more quickly, Google has announced NotebookLM, a new personalized AI-based note-taking tool. The new tool is presently a beta version from Google Labs and was first shown at the Google I/O event in May of this year under the name Project Tailwind. The tool can generate summaries, answer questions related to notes, and generate new ideas based on them. 

According to Google, it wants to rethink what note-taking software may resemble if it were created from the ground up using a potent language model. At the moment, the new AI is only accessible through Google Docs, but the search engine giant pledges to eventually include new formats. Additionally, users in the US can only use NotebookLM by joining a Google Labs waiting list.

In a blog post announcing the revamped notes app, Google stated that “NotebookLM is an experimental product aimed to harness the strength and promise of language models combined with your existing material to achieve key insights, faster. Consider it a virtual research assistant that, based on the sources you choose, may explain difficult concepts, summarize information, and generate new connections.”

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With NotebookLM, Google hopes to eliminate or at least lessen the biggest issue with artificial intelligence systems like Bard and ChatGPT, hallucination, the phenomenon where a large language model (LLM) confidently generates incorrect information and answers a question with it. 

Google believes that its ‘source-grounding’ method efficiently builds a customized AI that is aware of the facts relevant to you. Source-grounding enables the language model to look up information in your sources and notes. Google cautions users against simply relying on its app and implores them to compare the AI’s answers with the original source material.

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