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Google Launches Agent Assist For Chat Support

As a part of Google’s Contact Center AI (CCI) initiative to integrate artificial intelligence in customer support, Google announces Agent Assist for Chat. The solution will help human support agents during live calls and chats by providing relevant answers and FAQs to quickly resolve the issues in real time.

Agent Assist will understand the intent of the customer and pull out the most likely resources that would help human assistants in addressing the problems quickly. According to Google, clients leveraging Agent Assist for Chat have managed conversations concurrently, up by 28%. In addition, it has improved the response time by 15%, thereby reducing the wait time on calls or chats for other customers.

Agent Assist for Chat consists of two crucial components — Smart Reply and Knowledge Assist. While Smart Reply assists in suggesting the right messages extracted from the top performing agents, Knowledge Assist provides articles and FAQs to instantaneously find the perfect answer to customers’ problems.

One of the most critical aspects of Agent Assist is that the machine learning model is trained on your data to enhance the accuracy of recommendations. The is a crucial component as support can vary widely based on the way businesses conduct their operations.

With the public API, organizations can also integrate Agent Assist into their agent desktop to control the agent experience from end-to-end. Superior customer support can become a differentiating factor for organizations in the competitive market to boost their businesses. Using artificial intelligence can empower customer support representatives to provide exceptional customer experience as well as quickly resolve queries in real-time.

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Kenny Manuel
Kenny Manuel
Kenny Manuel is a tech enthusiast who likes to write about the latest developments in the artificial intelligence industry. However, his interest mostly lies in mergers and acquisitions of AI-based companies.


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